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Do world need a new Web Application development framework?

I’ve started to work for a new company 1 month and a half and a few days ago (1st of march). Company name is Componence ( We have started new office in L’viv, Ukraine with a new great team. I’m working in position of team leader here.

Componence works on bringing power of enterprise portals to big companies. We have own product and it’s named PortalSuite. It’s a set of portals for a WebLogic Portal server. It’s good enough to sell it. But now it’s time to build a new product for rapid portal development to respond for a new times coming.

CEO of our company wrote on his blog post about choosing a framework for our new product. And a lot of guys have responded to his posts on LinkedIn and other sites. All of them said about existing frameworks, their props and cons, but no one said it’s time to develop new framework.

All of existing and famous framework has been designed years ago. And goal for all of them was to provide easier way to build web applications, separate different kinds of logic and help to build UI more effectively. Sometimes ago they added some AJAX support (2 years ago or so). But now we have new big players on market of UI development frameworks for web applications – ExtJS and a Yahoo! UI. Both of them bring new way of abstraction for a building of web-based UI. And no one server framework consider on that.

So … I’m wondering is it a time to build a new server-side framework which will be integrated with ExtJS to bring new wave to web applications (portals) development?